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Cling-On brushes are superior furniture paint brushes valued by professionals for their longevity and quality. Cling-On brushes boast ZERO shredding of bristles or loosening from the ferrule, they are designed to be left in water so that they are self cleaning, and the smooth silky bristles hold plenty of paint and apply it flawlessly.


Cling-On brushes are stocked in three varieties: Round, Oval and Flat. The Round series is ideal for all-over painting and will make quick work of banisters, spindles and more. The Oval series is a versatile best seller that is suited to detailed areas as well as all-over painting. The Flat series is perfect for large surface painting of cabinets and more, as well as staining.



Round R18: 6 cm long bristles, 3.5 cm bristle diameter, 19 cm handle.

S50 Shorty brush Shorter handle for those hard to reach spots.

Round R16: 6cm long bristles, 1.4cm bristle diameter, 19cm handle

S30 Shorty Brush


Additional information

Cleaning & Care

Cling-On brushes are designed to be used and stored wet, this means that when you are finished painting simply return the bristles and the paint will just fall off the brush. A clip attached to the handle can help keep your brush suspended in a jar of water and not resting on the bottom, preserving the shape and keeping your brush free of dried paint. Lightly rinse in warm water and wring-out, and you are ready to paint again!

Cling On Brushes

Flat F40, Round R14, Round R16, Round R18, Shorty S30

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